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Chris Paul on Utah trading Deron Williams: ‘not a good look’

Chris Paul responded to the news of Utah trading Deron Williams with several less than flattering tags directed to the Jazz."Utah traded DWill?? #EpicFail #notagoodlook #trippin #cmonson," wrote Paul.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Actually Chris Paul, you commenting on another team and player’s business is an ‘EpicFail’.

You’d think one of the NBA’s premier point guards would know better or, at a minimum, have better things to do then going ‘viral’ on the Utah Jazz for dealing Deron Williams.

After all, his New Orleans Hornets are competing for a playoff spot in the competitive Western Conference and their future in The Bayou is uncertain.

Apparently this isn’t enough to occupy Paul’s time. He feels the need to speak up -in a manner befitting of a Twilight obsessed pre-teen- on the Jazz moving their franchise face.

To quote Paul: this is ‘notagoodlook’.

–Oly Sandor.

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