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Daniel Gibson and LeBron James clear the air

According to a source close to Gibson, James became upset upon hearing about the boast. The source said James and Gibson later resolved the issue because Gibson didn’t mean to insult James. But not before the drama unfolded in front of their more-than-1.5 million combined Twitter followers.

James tweeted Saturday afternoon: "I wake up this morning to hear somebody got real fly at the mouth at their party lastnight [sic]. I see where we stand now even though I sense it!"  He followed with: "Get out your feelings."

Meanwhile, Gibson posted several references to the incident on his Twitter feed, saying: "complaining about someones [sic] tweets is like complaining about the channel & you got the remote in your hands." Gibson then wrote: "Life is too short to worry about what others feel & think about you.. So have fun #DoYou & Give em something to talk about [sic]." A few hours later James posted the message: "The Air is Cleared."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Yesterday, there was a break in the détente between former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates and on again-off again friends Daniel Gibson and LeBron James.

Apparently, Gibson called himself ‘The New King’ of Cleveland at his birthday party on Friday evening. This got back to James, The Old King of Cleveland’, and then the sparks flew … via twitter, of course. Then they made up. Thank god.

You’ll remember this isn’t the first incident between these two. In December, Gibson took issue with James’ behaviour when his Miami Heat blew out the Cavaliers in Cleveland.

For what it’s worth, James must move on from Cleveland -permanently. No more subtle digs at the Cavaliers during their epic losing streaks. No more responding to former teammates via twitter, especially when their greatest claim to fame is being Keyshia Cole’s baby daddy.

What’s done is done. James is no longer a Cavalier. He can’t go back and change The Decision or the fallout from it.

He shouldn’t waste time dwelling on the past. After all, the best revenge against friends turned foes is living well, which means leading his Heat to a championship.

Nothing less will do. This should take all of his James’ energy, and he can’t get distracted by petty drama.

–Oly Sandor.

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