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Tracy McGrady: ‘I see myself playing five more years’

“I see myself playing five more years,’’ McGrady said. That might not be easy for McGrady, a 14-year veteran who turns 32 in May. He has a lot of wear and tear on his body, something he said came from all those years of having to carry the Magic and Rockets.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Tracy McGrady could easily float his way through the NBA for another five years.

He could bounce from irrelevant destination to irrelevant destination, getting minutes as a reserve and spot starter.

Hopefully, he’s learned from his experience with the Detroit Pistons. Hopefully, he’s learned playing for a mediocre franchise isn’t much fun. And hopefully, McGrady will sign on for the minimum with a contender and agree to play a role.

McGrady will never again be T-Mac, the 30 points per game superstar of the past. But he can still use his length, passing ability, and athleticism to facilitate and defend for teammates.

In short, McGrady needs to hit up Classic ESPN and watch highlights of his time with the Toronto Raptors. Back then, he was a very good complementary player.

Of course, McGrady was willing to play a secondary role. And it remains to be seen if he’d do it again –even if it meant getting to play meaningful basketball for a contender.

–Oly Sandor

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