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Evans on Weems’ girfriend search: ‘his other pillow must be getting cold’

Sonny Weems via twitter: “Think (it’s) time for me to get a girlfriend,”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Reserve swing for the Toronto Raptors seeks single female for relationship. She must be up for double-dates with DeMar DeRozan and girlfriend. She must up on basketball lingo and tolerant of a video-game playing male.

The Toronto Raptors are out of the playoffs, but they’re hoping to get Sonny Weems into a relationship.

Weems, it seems, is lonely. He recently professed his loneliness on twitter, and seems tired of being the third wheel with teammate DeRozan and his steady squeeze.

Several Raptors had advice for Weems’ situation. Amir Johnson told the Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk that Weems should relax and let things unfold.

“Just my take: You can’t search for your partner,” said Johnson, 23. “You’ve just got to let it happen naturally. Eventually you’ll find somebody.”

Well said. But leave it it to Reggie Evans, one of the team’s elder statesmen, to provide both wisdom and comedy.

“Sonny’s just going through mixed emotions. Want a girlfriend, don’t want a girlfriend. Want that lifestyle, don’t want that lifestyle,” Evans said. “We should do a poll on Twitter, see who wants to go on a date with him. We could make a Canadian reality show, Who Wants to Date Sonny Weems?

“There’s plenty of girls out here in Toronto that can be a good candidate for him. He’s a very nice guy, good guy to be around . . . I guess he needs somebody to keep his pillow warm. I guess his other pillow must be getting cold.”

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