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LeBron: Cleveland wasn’t my city, the Cavaliers weren’t my team

If you tell LeBron James that Cleveland was his city or the Cavaliers were his team, prepare for a quick correction.

The Akron native didn’t wait for the end of a question Friday when a reporter referenced Cleveland as "your city." James’ message was that he can’t disown something that was never his. "It wasn’t my city. It wasn’t my team either," he said. "I was just a player, you know, I helped get that franchise to leaps and bounds that they haven’t seen before.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This looks like LeBron James once again dumping on Cleveland and the Cavaliers.

We’ve seen this before from LeBron. He has an entourage that puts Vinnie Chase to shame and The Decision, last year’s TV event where he announced where he would sign as a free agent, revealed much about his character.

James is from Akron, Ohio. Akron and Cleveland aren’t the same. A a rivalry exists between the two. Cleveland never showed James much love as a prep phenom’.

Then there’s Dan Gilbert, the Cavaliers’ owner. The Decision was bad, but so was Gilbert’s response, publishing a letter that was unprofessional and personal.

Perhaps Gilbert’s ego exceeds LeBron’s. Perhaps working for the business mogul wasn’t a walk in the park/Quicken Loans Arena.

And James correctly points out that the Cavs’ had several elite players before him: Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, and Mark Price.

So maybe Cleveland was never his city; the Cavaliers never his team. Fair enough. Maybe this wasn’t the match we thought.

Here’s the question: Can we move on?

–Oly Sandor.

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