Thursday , Apr , 28 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Granger on Noah: He’s a ‘Dirty Player’

Granger had to be restrained from going after Bulls center Joakim Noah as the teams exchanged handshakes on the court at the end of the Bulls’ series-ending 116-89 win. Granger accused Noah of playing dirty throughout the game, taking cheap shots at Pacers, including forward Josh McRoberts, who was ejected in the third quarter.

Granger was in the hallway outside the locker room using expletives to describe Noah’s play. "Everybody saw what Josh did and he got ejected," Granger said. "Nobody caught what happened first. It’s always the second man. (Noah) was playing dirty the whole game. My teammates got caught with it and nothing happened."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: There are better ways Danny Granger can express his frustration towards Joakim Noah than lose his cool during series-ending handshakes.

For instance, Granger could have refused to shake Noah’s hand like Isiah Thomas and the Detroit Pistons did with the Chicago Bulls in the late nineteen eighties.

Or, Granger could have bolted the court like LeBron James did two years ago when his Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic.

Then Granger could’ve calmly explained to the media in post-game interviews that he was frustrated with Noah’s treatment of teammate Josh McRoberts, who was ejected in the second half. 

Instead, he lost his cool on-court during end of series handshakes. Then he dropped a profanity-laced tirade on the media near the changing rooms.

Whatever moral high-ground or argument Granger had is gone. His Indiana Pacers lose their series to the Chicago Bulls, and he looks like a sore loser.

–Oly Sandor.

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