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Why the San Antonio Spurs aren’t done

“We kept thinking they’d fold under the pressure, but they didn’t,” Duncan said. “They got the exact shots they needed, and they made them. We had so many close games, some that could have fallen to us, but they made the plays.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Yes, the Memphis Grizzlies made clutch plays. And no, the San Antonio Spurs shouldn’t be surprised. 

There’s another point worth emphasizing: the Spurs aren’t done. Not yet anyway.

Despite once again losing in the first round, they can regroup and compete in the Western Conference next season. Here’s how:

First, they get bigger. The Spurs need another talented seven-footer to battle massive teams like the Memphis Grizzlies.

Second, they reconsider their identity. Defense had always been their calling card, but they played an up-tempo game in 2011 to compensate for their age.

The Spurs should return to getting-stops. This gave them a chance in every game -whether at home or on the road.

Third, they need young athletes. Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Richard Jefferson, and Tony Parker have many miles on the odometer. All except Duncan -who is owed $21 million for 2012- are locked in with long-term contracts.

So management needs to attain some youth to complement these veterans. Ideally, these players would step-in and contribute next year.

All isn’t lost in Texas. With a strong summer, the Spurs can stay relevant.

–Oly Sandor.

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