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Jerry West is Joe Lacob and Golden State’s Winston The Wolf

Jerry West, one of the most respected executives in NBA history, has agreed to join the Warriors front office in a non-decision-making, advisory role, multiple NBA sources confirmed tonight.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: He means business.

Since assuming control of the Golden State Warriors, Joe Lacob had talked about changing the club’s culture. Words are one thing. Actions, however, are different.

Today, Lacob took significant action towards changing the environment around a team that has only made the playoffs once in the last fifteen years or so.

He hired Jerry West. That’s right: ‘The Logo’ is heading to northern California. 

West was a Hall of Fame player and equally talented executive. For years, he was the brain behind the Los Angeles Lakers; from 2002-2007, he worked his magic on the Memphis Grizzlies; and now he’s advising the Warriors.

Don’t know what an advisor does? Fair enough.

Let’s be specific about West’s role with the Warriors: He’ll play ‘Winston the Wolf’. 

Rewind to the mid nineties when Pulp Fiction was the rage. There’s a scene where John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson’s characters have a ‘problem’. In fact, they have a major ‘problem’. And ‘Winston the Wolf’, played by Harvey Keital, comes to the rescue.

(‘Pretty please with sugar on top’.)

This will be West’s role with the Warriors. Forget the blood and gore. Forget the criminal elements. And forget the linen closet. Like Pulp Fiction, Lacob has a problem, and West, advisor or not, has been brought in to solve it.

He could be the jolt the Warriors needs. Hopefully, it improves their record in 2012 and beyond.

–Oly Sandor.

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