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Portland GM Richie Cho wanted to suspend Brandon Roy

According to a well-placed source in the Blazers organization, an irritated Cho pushed for a suspension of three-time All-Star Brandon Roy for comments the guard made after Game 2 of Portland’s eventual first-round playoff series loss to Dallas.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Portland Trail Blazers have two problems.
First, GM Richie Cho and Brandon Roy must have a sit-down to discuss reports Cho wanted to suspend Roy after he spoke out about his reduced role.
Roy struggled last season with injuries. The former All-Star missed a stretch of games and, as a result, his minutes were drastically cut.
But Roy’s play improved after he went public with his complaints. He could easily regain his star status. And fans supported him.
A showdown between Cho, the young GM, and Roy, the franchise face, is looming. 
These two must have a heart-to-heart to air things out. After all, neither is leaving. Cho is an up-and-coming executive, while Roy, when healthy, is a talented player with a long-term max’ contract.
Following their chat, Cho and Roy should issue a carefully crafted statement and agree to never address the issue again. This must happen or hard feelings will linger.
Second, they have a leak. Management must plug the leak or they’ll continue being undermined by an employee going public. Trust will be an issue in the work place.
Remember, Portland, while beautiful, is a smaller market. The team is a big deal. And local media will continue exploiting this source.
So Cho and Roy must settle their differences. Then the club has to settle their issues in the front office.
–Oly Sandor.
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