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Rumor: Allen Iverson wants back in NBA?

"Just give me a training camp," he said. "Maybe I’ve rubbed people the wrong way as far as saying the things I’ve said in my life and in my career. But if any team needs me to help try and win a championship in any capacity, I’m waiting."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Allen Iverson is like the boxer who hung on past his prime.

Currently, Iverson is out the NBA and plying his trade in Turkey before injury ended his overseas experiment prematurely. While Europe is good, the NBA is better. And Iverson is positioning himself to get a training camp invite.

Here’s the problem: Iverson, if healthy and focused, won’t play a role.

He won’t come off the bench. He won’t serve as a reserve. And he won’t defer. It’s not in his nature. Instead, he’ll demand minutes. He’ll demand touches. And he’ll demand to start.

Like with the Detroit Pistons. And like with the Memphis Grizzlies.

This is, after all, Iverson. The combo guard is stuck in a time warp, believing he still resembles the player who won the regular season MVP a decade ago. This perception clashes with the reality that Iverson is no longer The Answer.         

He deserved a better ending. One of the game’s greatest little men of all time should be celebrated, not hanging on too long. 

Iverson has nobody to blame but himself for his current fate, though.

–Oly Sandor.

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