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Do Lakers want Ray Felton to replace Derek Fisher?

One guy being shopped around is Raymond Felton, with the Nuggets. They are sold on Ty Lawson. The Lakers are reportedly interested.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Is Ray Felton in? Is Derek Fisher out?

Reports indicate the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in having Felton replace Fisher, their long-time point guard. 

While necessary, such a move would be tough for Felton.

Fisher is a Laker icon. He won five championship in LA. His clutch baskets are legendary. He was a mentor/mediator during the Kobe Bryant-Shaquille O‘Neal World Wars. And he remains tight with Bryant, the club’s superstar.

There’s no disputing the obvious: Father Time has caught Fisher. Quicker point guards give him trouble on both ends of the floor.

But new Coach Mike Brown is transitioning away from Phil Jackson’s Triple-Post system, so now is the time to transition away from Fisher.

Felton is Brown’s type of point guard. He’s tough. He defends. His pick-and-roll game improved dramatically in 2011. And he was having a career year before ending up in Denver as part of the Carmelo Anthony deal.

And Felton can handle replacing Fisher in the pressure cooker of LA. He excelled in Madison Square Gardens for the Knicks and managed tough circumstances with Denver.

Still, the Lakers would be wise to keep Fisher. He’d make an excellent back-up and is professional enough to mentor the still developing Felton.

Best case scenario: Felton and Fisher are both in LA for 2011-12.

Oly Sandor.

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