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Can Dallas handle the Rudy Fernandez rollercoaster?

Rudy Fernandez could return to the offseason headlines more for speculation about where he’s headed than where he is. [Fernandez], who joined the Dallas Mavericks in a draft night trade less than two weeks ago, has been offered a six-year contract from Real Madrid, sportando.net reported via Spanish sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo. The deal reportedly is worth $4.35 million per year and would make the 6-foot-6 Spanish shooting guard the highest-paid player in the history of the Spanish basketball league. Fernandez, who averaged 8.6 points on 37 percent shooting last season with the Portland Trail Blazers, was due to make $2.2 next season with Dallas under the collective bargaining agreement that expired late Thursday as the NBA lockout began.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Dallas Mavericks better get prepared for the Rudy Fernandez drama.

Yes, the Spaniard is talented. When happy, he’s a terrific shooter and excites with his ability to get up-and-down the floor.

Unfortunately, Something is always wrong with Fernandez. He’s usually complaining about playing time. Or, he’s complaining about a lack of shots. Or he’s frustrated because America is not Spain.

Bottom line: Fernandez is high maintenance.

In Portland, he changed moods like a Hollywood socialite changes shoes. Only the charming and personable Patty Mills put Fernandez at ease.

Before the July 1st lockout, Fernandez got dealt to the Dallas Mavericks. Sounds good, right? The Mavericks are NBA champions; they’ll contend for a few years.

Owner Mark Cuban even praised Fernandez’s talent, telling reporters he spent years prying the swing from Portland. To top it off, Fernandez was told he’d start at shooting guard.

Sounds ideal, right? Well, wrong.

Starting for the best team in the world wasn’t enough for Fernandez.. There were reports he considered breaking his NBA contract and signing a 6-year deal with Real Madrid.

Apparently, he decided against joining Real Madrid. Apparently, he will honour the final year of his NBA contract.

The Mavericks should strap in and get ready for the ride. Fernandez’s mood swings are like a roller coaster.

–Oly Sandor.

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