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Tyson Chandler will ‘look at’ leaving Dallas

Whenever the NBA lockout ends and a frenzied free-agency period begins, Chandler and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, know he will have the entire league — or at least those teams with spending power — in the palm of his large hand.

"It’s a great point in my career, and I’m coming up under free agency and there’s a lot of great teams out there, a lot of great opportunities out there, a lot of up-and-building things," Chandler said Tuesday in a phone interview. "So, I mean, I’ve got to take a look at all that. I’ve got to take everything into consideration, and the good thing is I’m on a good side. I’m coming off an incredible year, so it’s not a situation where it’s worrisome."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Memo to Mark Cuban. Don’t let Tyson Chandler leave your Dallas Mavericks as a free agent. Back up the brinks truck and re-sign him.

Sure, Chandler is raw. Sure, he’s injury prone. But his size, length, and athleticism gave the Mavericks a different dimension from years past.

The end result: they finally won that elusive NBA championship.

So Cuban must check his ego. The renegade owner can’t be stubborn –like when Steve Nash departed as a free agent in 2004.

New Collective Bargaining Agreement or not, Chandler will have offers –lots of offers, in fact. Cuban must authorize GM Donnie Nelson to offer fair value or the lanky five will walk.

And Chandler’s departure would close the door on the Mavericks repeating as champions.

–Oly Sandor.

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