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Andre Iguodala ‘expecting’ to stay in Philadelphia?

Trade rumors about Iguodala have become common place for the past couple years but he no longer believes that he is going to be moved. “I can’t say I would be surprised, because I wouldn’t be surprised, but I am not expecting it to happen,” he said.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: They tried. They failed. Now they move forward. Together.

Once again, the Philadelphia 76ers attempted to again trade Andre Iguodala following the NBA Finals. Once again, they found no takers for their talented and versatile swing.

Iguodala is good, not great. He’s at his best as a blending star, who stuffs the stat-sheet each game with fine all-around play.

Here’s the problem: Iguodala, with three years and $45 million remaining on his contract, is paid to be great. Like a perennial All-Star; not a complimentary star.

Obviously, the 76ers explored trading Iguodala; however, they soon realized all they’d get back is a problem contract. So, it seems, management will keep Iguodala and will continue overpaying a good-not-great player.

Of course, management didn’t have much choice. The 76ers are between owners, which typically limits an organization’s ability to make personnel moves.

Then there’s the uncertainty regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Currently, the players are locked-out. And teams were reluctant to make trades with the new CBA and financial system up in the air.

For now, the 76ers and Iguodala are together. Who knows for how long, though?

–Oly Sandor.

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