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Trio from Hell: Kahn, Taylor and Nelson would destroy promising Wolves

Name to watch in Wolves search: Don Nelson. sources say he’s not only open to return to coaching but intrigued by ‘Sota roster.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Don Nelson and the Minnesota Timberwolves deserve each other. They really do.

Nelson is arrogant, controversial, egotistical, and self-centered. He’s alienated co-workers and players in each of his NBA stops.

In Golden State, he sued owner Chris Cohan and had beef with superstar Chris Webber. He walked on the New York Knicks. He went Judge Judy on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Then, after getting re-hired by Golden State, Nelson ran the team with as much grace as a third-world dictator.

Thankfully, the Warriors put Nellie out of his misery in the fall of 2010. He was supposedly headed to the beaches of Maui -never to return to an NBA sideline. Or, so we thought.

ESPN reports that the mad-scientist wants back in. And he wants back in with the Wolves, who have a plethora of  young talent in Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, and Derrick Williams.

To be fair, Nelson can win in the regular season. He’s The OG of up-tempo basketball, capable of getting a mismatch whenever he likes. He was Mike D’Antoni before there was Mike D’Antoni.

Such an up-tempo system entertains and occasionally produces a memorable run. But it always runs its course. And that course never ends with a championship because defense is, and always will be, king in the NBA.

Nelson’s personality and basketball philosophy doesn’t seem to fit a young, impressionable squad like the Wolves. Then again, who knows what the worst organization in basketball is thinking?

Consider the Wolves’ track record. Owner Glen Taylor hired David Kahn to run his basketball team -even though Kahn had no experience running a basketball team.

Kahn, in turn, hired Kurt Rambis to coach his basketball team –even though Rambis wanted to use the Lakers’ Triple Post and had no experience with a rebuilding project.

When Rambis failed, Taylor and Kahn let him twist in the wind for months before officially firing him yesterday.

Right now, Taylor makes Donald Sterling look like Peter Holt, while Kahn makes Isiah Thomas look like Jerry West. Together, they are an embarrassment; their track record is full of missteps, misquotes, and misery for Wolves fans.

Sadly, they are not above hiring Nelson. This trio deserve each other. Unfortunately, they’d ruin the club’s youngsters.

Scorched earth and collateral damage has never been a problem for Taylor, Kahn, and Nelson. .

–Oly Sandor.

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