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Deron Williams walks-the-walk, officially signs with Turkish club

Williams tweeted the signature on his one-year contract with Besiktas late Friday night from his verified Twitter account. "Just made it official, headed to Turkey …signed with Besiktas & @BJK_Basketbol," he wrote.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Deron Williams talks-the-talk and walks-the-walk.

Two weeks ago, Williams announced he was ‘taking his talent’ to Turkey because of the NBA lockout. Today, Williams made it official, signing a one-year, $5 million contract with Besiktas, which includes an escape clause if the lockout is resolved.

There’s no being ‘open to’ or considering. Williams, a man of his word, is gone. But keeping his word is risky.

Suppose Williams gets injured in Turkey. The New Jersey Nets, Williams’ NBA team, could void the remaining two-years and $34 million on his contract.

Williams has to consider the long-term. Next July, he can opt-out of his contract, hit the free agent market, and sign a multi-year deal for the maximum amount available.

Of course, an injury would change everything. Teams would think twice about tendering Williams an offer, especially since the new salary cap will be less forgiving of ‘bad contracts’.

Williams deserves credit for taking the initiative to play basketball. Right now, few NBA superstars can say that.

–Oly Sandor.

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