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Rumor: does Besiktas care if Kobe signs?

Turkish club Besiktas is in talks with Kobe Bryant’s representatives about the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers’ star playing in Turkey during the NBA lockout. "It is a fact that Kobe Bryant’s managers have contacted us," coach Ergin Ataman said Thursday, a week after Besiktas signed New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Talk is cheap –except if your union needs leverage for the lockout or you’re a second-rate European squad looking to improve your image.
Then, talk is good –real good.
Sure, Turkish club Besiktas and superstar Kobe Bryant are talking about a contract for 2011-12 in case the NBA lockout isn`t resolved.
Why would Bryant, the game’s greatest star, uproot his family, risk his career, and put up with second-class treatment from a second-rate pro’ team?
Besiktas has more issues than a celeb` on Dr. Phil’s Celebrity Rehab. Their soccer squad is in a match-fixing scandal; reports indicate their finances are frozen; a corporate sponsor had to guarantee Deron Williams $5 million pact.
Well, Bryant is doing his union brothers a solid by playing overseas and showing the owners the players have options. If something comes of his flirting with Besiktas, so be it. If not, he keeps touring Asia while negotiations on the new CBA continue.
For Besiktas, this is about headlines. They already shocked the basketball world with the signing of Williams, arguably the best point guard in the NBA.
Now those same pundits are wondering if ‘The King’ (sorry LeBron) will really cross the Atlantic and ply his trade on the crossroads of Europe and Asia for the princely sum of $1,000 000 per month.
Besiktas can’t buy this publicity. Blogs, print writers, radio hosts, and TV analysts are linking them to Bryant. They`re the buzz of basketball.
So Besiktas doesn`t care if Bryant signs. They`ve already won.
–Oly Sandor.
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