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Rumor: Nocioni and 76ers to part ways?

I don’t know. The Sixers already said they don’t want me. And now we’re in a lockout. So I’ll see what I do. Playing in Europe is a possibility.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Andres Nocioni will be on the move -again.

Reports indicate the Argentine swing will not return to the Philadelphia 76ers when the lockout ends and is open to playing with an NBA or European team.

This is and isn’t a surprise.

On the surface, it would seem a young, developing team like the 76ers would want a veteran presence like Nocioni. Remember, he does the little things and brings an edge.

However, the 76ers didn’t use Nocioni. For a variety of reasons, he played in just 54 regular season games and only got off the bench once for ten minutes in the playoffs against the Miami Heat. 

The only complication is his salary. Nocioni has one year guaranteed at $6.5 million, while his next team will hold an option on 2012-13 at $7.5 million.

Suppose the lockout lasts all year. His 2011-12 salary would then be negated. The 76ers wouldn’t exercise the option on 2012-13, so he`d be a free agent in July of 2012.

Things will change for Nocioni. The one certainty: he won’t return to Philadelphia.

–Oly Sandor.

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