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Rumor: Granger thinks Pacers should target West, Nene, and Landry

I think with what’s on the market at power forward, we have the opportunity to go get one of them. David West, Nene and Carl Landry are available. There are some good power forwards out there. I think we need to be deeper at that position.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This would be the reason a player, even a quasi-superstar such as Danny Granger, can’t act like a GM.

To be fair, Granger, the first option by default for the Indiana Pacers, has good intentions, but should let Executive Larry Bird handle free agents.

After all, Granger’s little recruiting mission won’t go over well with Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough, the power forwards currently on the Pacers` roster.     

Granger has basically told the world McRoberts and Hansbrough aren’t good enough to handle the job.

Whenever the lockout ends, Indiana’s basketball faithful will expect management to pursue and ultimately sign a name free agent like Carl Landry, Nene, or David West.

If management fails or goes in a different direction, fans will be disappointed. All thanks to Granger raising expectations with his recent comments.

Finally, Landry, Nene, or West might not help the Pacers. Landry, while talented, is undersized; Nene will want big money; West can play, but is coming off major knee surgery.

Granger is a valuable piece. He should play and let management handle personnel.

–Oly Sandor.

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