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Shaq wants to fight Ron Artest

But for now, we can enjoy running down O’Neal’s list of NBA players he’d like to face in a mixed martial arts fight. One of them includes a beloved Laker, and no, it’s not Kobe Bryant. "Ron Artest, you could probably put in there," O’Neal said.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I can see Michael Buffer doing the pre-fight intro’.

Fighting out of the blue corner, wearing TNT speckled shorts, tipping the scales at  330(?) pounds, Shaquille ‘The Big Broadcaster’ O’Neal.

Fighting out of the red corner, wearing the black and yellow of the Cheshire Jets of the United Kingdom, tipping the scales at 250 pounds, Ron ‘Metta World Peace’ Artest.

Jokes aside, Shaq isn’t really fighting Artest (not that we know of, at least). However, the newest addition to TNT’s broadcast booth named a few NBA players he’d like to fight as part of an interview for an MMA magazine. 

Artest was the only current player to make the cut. The others are old school: Danny Ainge, Charles Barkley, Xavier McDaniel, and Charles Oakley.

An MMA spectacle between Shaq and Artest would be far better than the other option: a battle on the mic’ between these two very mediocre rappers.

–Oly Sandor.

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