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Rumor: Kobe Bryant done with Besiktas?

According to Obrad Fimic of Alti Sport who was negotiating with Besiktas on behalf of Kobe Bryant and his agent Rob Pelinka, the proposal of the Turkish team for the Lakers star is still too low. Kobe and his entourage decided not to accept it and give up on the negotiations with Besiktas, team who already signed Deron Williams.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: No surprise here.

Kobe Bryant and Besiktas’ public flirtations were convenient and useful, however, neither had legitimate interest in joining forces during the NBA lockout.

The situation was like a tabloid headline that caught your eye while waiting to buy groceries. You saw it. You were entertained by it. You (hopefully) didn’t believe it, though.

If Bryant heads abroad, he’ll do China, not Turkey. China will pay him an unlimited amount, treat him like a vacationing guest, and provide endless branding opportunities.

Besiktas are cash-strapped, play in a mediocre league, and Turkey can’t compete with the world’s strongest economy. Their soccer team was involved in a match-fixing scandal, too.

However, the speculation was useful for player and team. Bryant kept his name in the headlines and made NBA owners think he had a plethora of overseas options.

Besiktas couldn’t buy this publicity -even if they tried. They’ve been associated and linked to Bryant, a once-in-a-generation talent with international appeal.

Bottom line: it didn`t matter if Bryant signed with Besiktas. Both sides got what they wanted from the situation.

–Oly Sandor.

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