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Rumor: Nate Robinson to China, Europe?

What is the status of Nate Robinson, who wanted to resume his career as a football player? Aaron Goodwin: The NFL is an alternative but he did not say he wanted to play in the NFL. He just wants to play basketball for now. He is interested in coming to Europe during the lockout. Which teams are interested in getting him? Aaron Goodwin: We talked with many teams but we have never been close to a deal. I can’t name the teams but we have been in contact with teams playing in Greece, Russia, Turkey and China. There will also be a clause in his NBA contract. I won’t let any of my clients come abroad without a return clause in the NBA.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The NFL is out. Is Europe or China in?

Apparently Nate Robinson will not pursue an NFL career during the lockout, and is instead looking to sign with an overseas club in China or Europe.

China would be best as teams would see Robinson as a short-term marketing gimmick, and would be far more tolerant of his bravado both on and off court.

European coaches would struggle to integrate the flashy combo guard into their rigid sets, methodical schemes, and two-a-day practices.

After all, Europe is about the collective, and, fair or not, Robinson is often accused of being about one individual: himself.

–Oly Sandor.

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