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Leon Rose, LeBron’s agent, pushing players to decertify union

Just when you thought the NBPA decertification talk had died down…two sources say prominent agent Leon Rose has joined that crowd. (Sam Amick, CNNSI)


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: LeBron James, no matter how much he tries to keep a low profile, always makes national headlines.

Take the lockout. In an attempt to gain leverage over owners in the ongoing labour strife, James’ agent Leon Rose is encouraging his client and other high profile players he represents to vote to decertify their union.

This is not James. This is his agent. But it doesn’t matter.

Decertification would kick off a series of complicated lawsuits that would make it impossible for the season to start on time or be played at all.

This would be like dropping a nuclear bomb on all the gains the NBA made last season. 

To be fair, James may have good reason for supporting this option: he and fellow stars are frustrated with the owners’ negotiating tactics and the concessions union head Billy Hunter is making.

The tension mounts as fans want a solution and an NBA season. James could take a hit if the union decertifies.

–Oly Sandor.

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