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LeBron James: ‘I miss my fans in Ohio/Cleveland’

RT : Hey LeBron, what’s one thing most people don’t know about you?(How much I miss my fans in Ohio/Cleveland)


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Absence, it seems, has made LeBron James’ heart go fonder.

Not long ago the All-World superstar showed little or no regard for his fans in Cleveland, announcing on live television he was leaving the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.

And then it began. The hate.

Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert declared jihad in a letter on the team’s website. Fans burnt his jerseys. And The Backlash to The Decision started.

James, of course, responded. He told anyone and everyone he was an Akron guy and that he was not, in fact, from Cleveland.

After a year of defiance and being public enemy number one, James is changing his tune in an attempt to make peace with those he perhaps alienated.

Now he misses his fans in Cleveland. Six months ago such an admission would have been about as likely as pigs flying.


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