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CBA talks breakdown, NBA cancels games through November

As NBA players and owners wait to see who will blink first, fans are stuck staring at a blank calendar.NBA Commissioner David Stern canceled the rest of the November games Friday, saying there will not be a full NBA season "under any circumstances."The move came about after labor negotiations broke down again when both sides refused to budge on how to split the league’s revenues, the same issue that derailed talks last week.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: At this point, it doesn’t matter.

All of it.

It doesn’t matter if the players or owners win this fight. It doesn’t matter if Billy Hunter or David Stern protect their legacy. It doesn’t matter how they split the remaining points of Basketball Related Income.

The only thing that matters is basketball -as in taking the court, throwing the ball in the air, and playing games.

For four months, players and owners have carried on about the collective bargaining agreement. They have played with the emotions of fans and alienated those that ultimately pay their salary.

On Thursday, it looked to be ending. Finally.

Then the elephant in the room, Basketball Related Income, reared its ugly head. Again. The players held firm at 52%. The owners didn’t even offer to move off 50%.

As usual, there was no regard for the bigger picture; there was no concern about the game, the league, and those who so passionately support it.

And fans are back to waiting. And the only thing that matters, playing basketball, isn’t happening.


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