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Rumor: Howard, Pierce, Wade leading charge to decertify?

Ray Allen told the Globe last night that teammate Paul Pierce organized the call of dozens of players to discuss the possibility of breaking up the union if a deal is not reached soon. According to Allen, there were in fact two conference calls, the other on Thursday, in which Allen did not participate.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Are they prepared for the fallout?

Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce, and Dwyane Wade will be blamed if they lead 50 NBA players to decertify the union and take the owners to court in search of a new collective bargaining agreement.

Such a move would be messy. Such a move would be complicated. And such a move would have consequences like the league cancelling the entire 2011-12 season.

It wouldn’t matter that the owners negotiated in poor faith. It wouldn’t matter that the leader of  the players union have squabbled like children. It wouldn’t matter that the NBA’s well-to-do business model is out of touch with the current global economy.

The only thing that would matter is that there’s no basketball. After all, decertification means a cancelled season. And a cancelled season means angry fans.

Howard’s good guy days would end. For Pierce, a lifelong Celtic, everyday would be like playing the Lakers. And Wade better expect The ’Heattles’ treatment to continue. 

Hopefully, it doesn’t come to this. Hopefully, they find a solution.

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