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David Stern to Union: Take the offer or Decertify

If no deal is reached by Wednesday, Stern has threatened to drop the NBA’s offer to 47 percent of BRI and a flex cap. "We want to allow enough time for union to consider most recent proposal, and we are hopeful they accept it," said Stern. If the players decide not to accept the NBA’s offer, they will drop it to a 47-53 split and a hard cap.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: If there wasn’t a sense of urgency before, there is now.

Saturday evening’s offer from NBA owners was a take-it-or-leave-it, a do-or-die with the intent to ratchet up the pressure on the union.

After all, the players have until Wednesday to accept the owners’ offer via Commissioner Stern. If they say no, the owners will demand a greater share of Basketball Related Income and a hard cap instead of a luxury tax in their next offer.

The clock is ticking. The longer it ticks, the worse the owners’ offers get.

Stern and his cronies are maximizing the leverage they have, essentially daring the players to go through the painful process of decertification.

If the players decertify, the season gets cancelled. And players, not owners, get blamed by the public.

The owners know this. So do the players. Perhaps it’s enough to get the players to blink.

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