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Report: Owners let Stern ‘Tweak’ System Issues

David Stern has enough support from ownership to "tweak" some of the system issues that remains points of contention with the union to get a labor deal agreed upon on Wednesday.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Well, it’s about time.

Reports are filtering in late Wednesday evening that Commissioner David Stern has been given leeway by owners to concede on system issues like the luxury tax and mid-level exception.

Of course, players and owners are currently engaged in a key negotiation. And there are consequences if today’s talks pass without a settlement.

The players will likely decertify their union, forcing months of lawsuits which would kill any chance at season.

Meanwhile, owners have promised to reduce their offer of a 49%- 51% share of Basketball Related Income to 47%, which would also kill any chance at a season.

So the stakes are high. The hope is that owners giving in on system issues will force the players to give in even further on Basketball Related Income.

The alternative isn’t pretty.

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