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Rumor: Isiah Thomas wants to replace Billy Hunter as NBPA Boss?

According to a pretty piped-in informant, skulking and stalking are exactly what Thomas has been doing as Hunter tries not to lose further frontage to one clearly identified Nor’easter after another: Namely, commissioner Stern stage-managed by 29 owners; players poised to push for immediate decertification if a deal can’t be struck during this extensive bargaining session; weighty agents counseling clients that leadership is limp; and growing frustration among even Hunter’s staunchest supporters.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Once again, Isiah Thomas’ name is linked to treachery, backstabbing, deceit, and angling.

The Hall of Fame guard – who in retirement destroyed the Toronto Raptors, Continental Basketball Association, New York Knicks, and Donnie Walsh’s sanity – wants to replace Billy Hunter as head of the NBA Players’ Association.

Sure, the NBPA has been somewhat dysfunctional under Hunter. And sure, they need a new voice to take the reins after losing negotiations to the owners.

But Thomas?

On the one hand, he was President of the Players Association. On the other hand, everything Thomas has touched since running the floor for the Pistons has blown up in his face.

The man’s closet is full of enemies, skeletons, and who knows what else. He has always been despised by many, and his presence would fracture an already divided and fragmented union.

Hopefully, the players find somebody else to replace Hunter. Thomas isn’t right for the job.

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