Tuesday , Nov , 15 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Video: Larry Hughes shows-off riches, proves Stern and owners’ point

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Are the players honestly surprised the public has zero sympathy for them in their labour fight with owners.

On the same day players said they couldn’t accept a final offer that would have seen the average salary rise to $8 million per season, Larry Hughes, a veteran guard, goes public with his riches.

Notice the luxury cars. There are several of them. Notice the house. It’s a massive mansion with more tricked-out gadgets than Q has in a James Bond flick.  

In this economy, people are losing their homes, jobs, and savings, so it’s impossible to have sympathy for players who are incredibly well compensated.

Yes, they’re remarkably talented. Yes, they generate billions of dollars. And yes, it still unfathomable that they’ll piss away an entire season and salary over a scaled back Mid Level Exception and Sign and Trades clauses.

Here’s the other thing: I find it ironic Hughes is in this video.

A nice player, the swing represents much of what went wrong with the league’s old financial system.  

He had moderate success with the Washington Wizards, and, to his agent’s credit, parlayed that moderate success into a maximum salary with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Of course, Hughes isn’t a max player. He became an albatross. A bad contract; nothing more than trade chatter for E-Thugs and Internet junkies

Like many others, Hughes was a middle class player making star money. On the day his union needed him to stay silent, an ill-timed video appears on-line.

And the public, while sifting through bills and searching for work, can only become more frustrated.

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