Tuesday , Nov , 15 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

David Stern: NBA heading for ‘nuclear winter’

David Stern appeared live on Sports Center in response to the announcement from the players that they will file an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA."We’re about to go into the nuclear winter of the NBA," said Stern.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: In the end, Basketball Related Income wasn’t the elephant in the room.

For years, hoop heads thought players and owners inability to split revenue (known as BRI) would result in the 2012 season being cancelled.

However, minor system issues like whether over-the-cap teams could use the Mid Level Exception and Sign-and-Trade clauses has led to the players disbanding their union and filing an anti-trust lawsuit.

Yes, the MLE and Sign and Trades. That’s what it has come to.

By fighting over the last few million dollars, the players and owners will cost each other so much more.

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