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Report: Adidas to give Derrick Rose $250 million shoe deal?

Lucrative is seriously underselling it based on the figures dribbling in to us.One industry source insisted to this week that Rose’s new shoe deal with adidas will easily crack nine figures and could legitimately approach the $250 million range — as in $25 million annually over a 10-year span — in what is known in the shoe game as a "lifetime" deal.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Think it’s good to be Derrick Rose?

He’s the point guard and franchise face for his hometown Chicago Bulls. He’s the 2011 NBA MVP, and the youngest player in league history to win the award. He has avoided the trappings of fame and maintained a clean image.

And for this the Bulls recently signed him to a long-term extension for $95 million. But that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the contract Rose will reportedly receive from Adidas.

The European shoe maker is set to sign Rose to contract worth $250 million. You read correctly. A quarter of a billion dollars.

Yes, it’s good to be Derrick Rose.

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