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Dwight Howard Officially Opts-in for 2012-13

Dwight Howard just texted me that he has signed the waiver of his Early Termination Option.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s official. No more back-and-forth. And, for now, no more speculation.

ESPN scribe Chris Broussard is reporting that Dwight Howard has signed the opt-in clause, meaning he’ll likely spend 2012-13 with the Orlando Magic.

A few things worth noting:

1) GM Otis Smith and the Magic must decide if they want Howard, after all. The center’s flip-flopping created a sopa opera that made LeBron James and ‘The Decision’ look good.

The entire organization took a backseat to Howard’s selfishness. Franchise face or not, he has some apologizing to do and should start with fans and teammates.

2) If they stick with Howard, the Magic have time – but not too much – to find a co-star. If they fail, the same saga could occur next year when Howard’s contract expires.

3) The Magic and Howard must reflect on how they handled this situation. Both team and player have looked unprofessional. And both team and player must learn from their mistakes.

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