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Rumor: Bulls still interested in Dwight Howard?

Which suggests that the Bulls, if they’re that high on Pau, are bound to try to trade for him again. Nor have they abandoned hope of courting Dwight Howard via trade, sources said, despite Howard’s longstanding coolness toward the idea of relocating to Chicago and the extra season he just committed to Orlando by opting in for the 2012-13 season.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick: The Chicago Bulls make the most sense -if Dwight Howard wants a championship.

The Bulls have Derrick Rose, the 2011 regular season MVP and a premier NBA player. And Rose, who is in his early 20s, will get even better.

Bottom line: the athletic point guard is exactly the kind of co-superstar Howard has been searching for.  Yet, he kyboshed any chance of joining the Bulls when he declared he wasn’t interested in a ‘Windy City’ partnership.

The reason: nobody knows -including Howard, himself.

Initially, there was speculation Adidas, who sponsor Howard and Rose, discouraged a Bulls-Magic trade because they didn’t want their two biggest names in one market. There was also speculation the Bulls couldn’t put together a package that suited the Magic.

However, the most likely scenario is that Howard’s flip-flopping alienated the Bulls and Magic -making a blockbuster deal between these eastern powers impossible.

For a Bulls-Magic trade to occur, Howard has to get past his indecision and decide what he wants.

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