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Dwight Howard on back surgery: ‘It hurts (emotionally)’

“It hurts (emotionally),” Howard said. “That’s the first thing — it hurts. And then with people saying and thinking I’m quitting on my team. This is a real issue. I tried to play through it and it just made my back worse.” Howard has been complaining of back problems since early March, but it wasn’t until Los Angeles-based spine surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins examined him last week that the herniated disk was discovered. Howard received an epidural to alleviate the pain at that time, and the plan was that he’d rest and rehabilitate his back for 10-14 days before deciding if he could return to play or further treatment might be necessary. But his back has worsened and both Watkins and the Magic’s medical staff determined that surgery is necessary.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I’m not sure if Dwight Howard is a fan of the Steve Miller band, but he should’ve ‘taken the money and run’ by signing Orlando’s max’ money offer earlier this year.

Howard has a sore back. Today we learned that All-Star needs surgery and will be out indefinitely.

His injury throws a wrench in things for player and team. Howard can no longer act like a Mongolian despot and demand the Orlando Magic fire their entire staff, which may or may not have included the dude hawking hotdogs in the stands on game-days. Meanwhile, the Magic will likely stop negotiating an extension until they know their center can make a full recovery.

Everything is on pause. Well, almost everything.

Another club could seize the moment and try to acquire Howard. Perhaps the Magic take a little less than market value to get a wonky Howard and his growing attitude out of Central Florida.

Of course, that club would have to be convinced that Howard can recover. And the Magic would have to have an epiphany and realize their franchise face is more trouble than he’s worth.

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