Tuesday , May , 08 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Rumor: Jerry Sloan To Coach Bobcats?

Did Michael Jordan grab another great coach for his horrible team?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Run Jerry Run.

Sources say that Jordan has reached out to former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan to potentially take over the Bobcats next year from Paul Silas. The Bobcast were the worst team in the NBA this year. The only real connection between Jordan and Sloan is both have their numbers retired at the United Center in Chicago. Outside of that Jordan beat up on Sloan’s Jazz twice in the Finals, but really they don’t have very much of a connection besides respect. 

The real question is why would Sloan take the job. Jordan has been an owner that doesn’t like to spend money on players or coaches and has been looking for a way to sell his portion of the Bobcats for months. It’s difficult to see Jordan coughing up the type of money a quality coach like Sloan would require to takeover such a pathetic team with no real chance of moving up in the near future. It’s amazing to us at HoopsVibe Sloan’s even thinking about this position, but perhaps he’s been away from the game too long and wants back into the NBA. If he does, I’m sure the Bobcats would love to have him at all their post-game media sessions explaining why they still suck.