Tuesday , May , 08 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Chris Webber Calls Blake Griffin A Flopper.

Chris Webber calls Blake Griffin a Flopper.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: How many time outs are left? I forgot.

Chris Webber warns Blake Griffin about the problems with flopping. Seems to me like Webber should remember his own faults as a player. These are numerous and well documented. Lets not even go into remembering how many time outs are left in the game when calling a time out you don’t have will cost your team the national championship. Oops, did I just go there? Sure did. I know Webber is now into his post NBA career as a comentary guy and he doesn’t do a bad job of it at times, but please Chris let’s keep the critiques to a minimum. 

If anyone wanted to criticize Griffin’s game, that conversation should start and end with two words and two words only: Free Throws! It’s tough to be thought of as one of the best in the league when your own team can’t give you the ball in the last couple minutes of the game because they know the opposing team will simply foul you, send you to the line, and everyone will watch you toss up another couple bricks. If Griffin needs advice on something it’s shooting not flopping. Oh, and by the way Chris, he got the call on the play.