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Niki McElroy looks at Interracial Dating and the NBA

McElroy's new book "A Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men" examines interracial dating and the NBA.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Who knew black women were trying to get at white men?

Niki McElroy looks at Interracial Dating and the NBA

The title pretty much says it all, “A Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men.” Niki McElroy sits down for an interview with HoopsVibe and dives into the waters of interracial dating and the NBA. Niki’s dated a virtual Who’s Who of white athletes, actors, and celebs in Hollywood. Yes, this list includes NBA ballers as well.  Her book is both insightful, poignant, and funny. A great read for those curious about interracial dating or just culture in general.

HoopsVibe: What’s the attraction for a black woman like yourself to date a white man?

Niki: Simple, good credit and an education.  Seriously though, it’s not about dating white men or dating black men. It’s just about dating someone that treats you the way you want to be treated and that you’re attracted to. I simply happen to know a lot of black women that are interested in opening up that pool of people to white men too and sometimes they need help.

HoopsVibe: Are we that different to date.

Niki: You guys have a different set of rules you play by and most black women simply don’t know the signs.

HoopsVibe: How’s this apply to basketball players?

Niki: Are you kidding me? White basketball players love them some black women. A lot of them are still too scared to marry us, but they definitely love to date.

HoopsVibe: Is interracial dating a trend for the future?

NIki: Absolutely. Everyone’s curious about each other and wanting to see what everyone else is all about. Did you see Dirk Nowitzki’s engaged to a sista.

HoopsVibe: Yeah, we saw that. You certainly keep yourself updated on interracial couples.

Niki: I have to. Plus, I put up the interracial couple of the day on my website. (

HoopsVibe: Do you have a lot of black female friends that want to date white men?

Niki: I have a lot of black friends that are curious, but don’t know how to get a white man to approach them. Since I had dated a lot of white men, my friends kept asking me for advice. Eventually, it just made sense to write a book and have some fun with it.

HoopsVibe: What’s the biggest misperception about black women?

Niki: That we aren’t into white men. We are, but you’re all just to chicken to come talk to us.

HoopsVibe: What can women get out of your book.

NIki: It’s a playful look at interracial dating. I’d say approach the book with a good sense of humor and willing to learn a tip or two. White men love us. They’re just scared, so we need to help them out a little.

For More on NIki McElroy check her out at or catch her on twitter at @datingwhitemen.

Photo Credit: Niki McElroy

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