Friday , May , 18 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Would You Pay $115 For This Shirt?

Would you pay $115 for this Shirt? Russell Westbrook would.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Is that a fish hook on his shirt?

Officially, this shirt is the Lacoste Live Short Sleeve Pique Polo with all over fish hook print that goes for an astonishing $115. Unofficially, this is now the infamous “Fish Hook” shirt Russell Westrbrook wore to his game 1 post game press conference that had Shaq and Charles Barkley laughing up a storm in the studio. 

We do have to admit the red glasses do take some of the attention away from the shirt, but that doesn’t really help considering how absurd the glasses look with it. We’ve put the officila Lacoste model that wears the shirt in their catalogue next to Russell just so we can see where he gets his fashion inspiration. How cute, he even buttoned it all the way up like the model in the picture. 

If “Geek Chic” is the new NBA fashion fad, expect penny loafers to start costing $500 a pop.