Saturday , May , 19 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Lil Wayne Banned From Lakers Games?

Did Lil Wayne get officially banned from Laker games at the Staple Center?

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: James Harden should to take it out on the Lakers not Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne Banned From Lakers Games?

Oklahoma’s James Harden has asked that Lil Wayne not attend any of the Lakers playoff games against the Thunder. Lil Wayne and Harden’s girlfriend, Trina, were spotted sucking face at Monica’s album release party earlier in the week. ¬†Apparently, Harden didn’t take too kindly to the incident and now thinks it’s only fair that Lil Wayne not come to the games. Huh?

The Staple Center and the Lakers are not planning on officially banning Lil Wayne, so if he decides to not attend it is on him. It’s hard to picture Lil Wayne caring too much about James Harden’s feelings since he’s going after his girlfriend. Harden’s Thunder are up 2-1 on Lil Wayne’s Lakers and theoretically he’s still got his girl. Although, the real question might be does he still want her.

Our guess is we’ll see Lil Wayne court side at the game grinning ear-to-ear at James Harden. Although Harden has been averaging 15 points per game against the Lakers in the playoffs, he is only shooting 36% from the field. This is significantly down from his season average. Maybe the image of Trina and Lil Wayne lip-locked is more on his mind than he’s willing to admit?