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Miami’s Haslem and Pittman Suspended

Miami’s Haslem and Pittman Suspended

Hoopsvibe’s Very Quick Call:  We will start seeing more and more players suspended for flagrant fouls.

The NBA has certainly made one thing clear this season:  They’re not taking flagrant fouls lightly.

Metta World Peace faced a seven game suspension in the latter part of this season for elbowing James Harden in the head following a dunk he had against the Thunder.  Harden was diagnosed with a minor concussion and World Peace had to face the penalty.

Today, the NBA announced that they have suspended both Udonis Haslem and Dexter Pittman for fouls they committed in yesterday’s game 5 against the Pacers.  Miami won the game 115-83 and took a 3-2 series lead.

Haslem, who essentially punched Tyler Hansbrough in the face with both arms in the second quarter of the Heat’s win yesterday, faces a one game suspension.  He will have to sit out for Thursday’s game 6.  Haslem’s foul is being said to have been in retaliation for a prior hard foul committed by Hansbrough against Dwayne Wade earlier in the quarter.

Hansbrough’s foul on Wade, which was initially ruled a flagrant-1, was upgraded today to a flagrant-2 by the league.  The foul resulted in a small cut above D-Wade’s eye, however, Hansbrough will not be suspended for the foul.

Pittman received the worst of today’s suspensions from the league.  He will be sitting for three games.

Pittman’s foul came in the final minute of the game when he pretty much elbowed Pacer’s guard Lance Stephenson in the throat while Stephenson was in mid-air driving to the hoop.  It was very clear that Pittman did not make a play on the ball.  Stephenson, who landed hard on his shoulder after the foul, underwent X-rays on his collarbone following the game but nothing was broken.

It was reported that the suspensions will cost Haslem about $35k in salary while it will cost Pittman 22k.

Thursday’s game 6 should be interesting as the Heat, who are already playing without big man Chris Bosh, will now be down two additional post players.  Not to mention the game is in Indiana so you can bet the home crowd will be going crazy for the Pacers to tie the series.

My guess is things might get a little chippy.

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