Thursday , May , 31 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

J.R. Smith Cheats on Rihanna

Rihanna isn’t enough for J.R. Smith (Knick’s guard) who reportedly has multiple girlfriends on the side. 

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Rihanna does have a habit of going for those bad boys.

From day 1 of the Rihanna and J.R. Smith dating circus, it has been in doubt how long this will last. Rihanna does’t exactly have a great track record and although much of J.R. Smith’s dating history is unknown, due to the fact that he’s not a big star, he never struck us as the settling down type.

Apparently the Knick guard who has a hunger for points also has a hunger for cuties and Rihanna just doesn’t fill him up. Hoopsvibe has acquired photos of 3 additional women that Smith has been kicking it with during his relationship with Rihanna. We understand the word “relationship” might be a stretch, but in the pop culture circus these two live in anything over 2 weeks is long-term.

No comment back from J.R. Smith’s reps and Rihanna’s reps won’t even acknowledge she’s dating him, so all that’s left to do is speculate whether she’ll kick him to the curb. If her background with forgiving Chris Brown for beating the crap out of her is any guidance, we think she’ll forgive him. After all, look at him by the book with girl #2, he seems like a guy you can trust … or the pic outside the club, definitely a keeper … or the pic in the hotel lobby … ok, that one might be tough to explain, but we have a hunch he’ll pull it off.

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