Saturday , Jun , 02 , 2012 Paul Eide

Metta World Peace Stars In Awesome Mental Health PSA

He’ll always be “Ron Ron” to me. This is just too awesome to be real. I just watched it five times and I’m still amazed that it exists. It’s a PSA about mental health that explicitly challenges your own mental health while watching it.

HoopsVive very quick call: This is awesome.

In it, “Metta Man” stars as a super hero (with cape of course) who rides a skateboard with a curling stone in hand through a major metropolitan area, doing kick flips and ollies throughout.

The climax happens when “Metta Man” dunks said curling stone by jumping off the skateboard, and then receives some great scores from a panel of judges that includes the Dali Lama, Larry King, a random brunette hipster and a black dude who looks like ½ of the rap group the “Cool Kids”.
Check it out here, it’s 1:07 that you won’t regret spending.
Even if you hate Metta, part of you just has to like him a little bit, right? The things he does are completely unpredictable and amazing. He consistently tops himself. At certain points, like this, he becomes a cartoon of himself and has no concern what anyone thinks.
People forget that Ron Ron was at one time a 20 ppg scorer in the NBA and primary offensive weapon for at least two NBA franchises. As he has grown more outlandish and become a better defensive player during his career, he has drawn comparisons to NBA hall of famer Dennis Rodman; but are they accurate? Is Metta the modern day Dennis Rodman?
He gets labeled as being “crazy” for doing stuff like this, and of course changing his name to Metta World Peace, but he has to have a great sense of humor.
Without a character like “Ron Ron”, how bland would the NBA be? Is he crazy or a comedic genius??
Image Credit: AP News