Sunday , Jun , 03 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Rumor: Bosh Will Play Game 4

Rumor: Chris Bosh will return to play in game 4 against the Celtics.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Can someone say Eastern Conferene Champs.

Rumor: Bosh Will Play Game 4

Chris Bosh has been spotted over the last week working out on the court. According to people that have seen him play in these workouts, Bosh looks ready to return to action. The word on the street is this return will be game 4 on Sunday. Miami has been without Bosh ever since he suffered a abdominal in the first round playoff game and has had to make serious adjustments.

Wade and LeBron would be incredibly grateful to see Bosh back in action as these two have had to carry the load for Miami. If these rumors are true and Bosh is back and can produce he numbers he is capable of when healthy, this could mean new life for the Heat.

It looked like they were going to make an early exit after being down 2-1 to Indiana, but fought back to squeeze out a series win. If Bosh is healthy, Miami will be back in the Finals and on the hunt for LeBron’s first championship ring.