Friday , Jun , 08 , 2012 Paul Eide

Phil Jackson and Brian Shaw In Orlando? Vincent Isn’t Giving Up.

We know how easy it is for rumors to get started, but the thought of Phil Jackson joining the Magic as the teams GM is a juicy one. What could be better than that, you ask, Magic fan- how about the potential of Brian Shaw being hired as the team’s next head coach? Who in the world handles the Magic’s PR? This is great stuff.


Hoopsvibe Very Quick Call: Why don’t they just make Dwight Howard the GM? He basically is anyway.

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You have to give Sam Vincent and staff a ton of credit for the game plan he has in place; it has to be as tantalizing as anything else out there for both Brian Shaw and Phil Jackson to reunite. If you’re a Magic fan, how do you not LOVE the aggressiveness? Especially on the heels of the Dwight Howard fiasco, where the organization came away looking weakened and easily influenced by its star player.
Do you think that would ever happen in San Antonio or any other successful franchise? No way. Because every franchise that consistently competes for a title year after year, has a great leader. And the Magic, are looking to grab a great leader and the perfect field general at the same time.
Who’s to say Jackson wouldn’t be great as a GM right off the bat? In a lot of ways he is reminiscent of Pat Riley, though Riley is Team President; successful coach and all-time great who leads a franchise to a title early in his reign.
Another all-time great coach who had immediate front office success in the same state was NFL legend Bill Parcells.
Some guys, very few, are just built different and have the “it” that can make it work. And if anybody out there had the chance to do it next, you’ve got to think Phil Jackson is at least a worthy candidate. And who better to “assist” him than his former point guard B Shaw?
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