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Cavs Make Huge Offer To Get New Orleans #1 Pick.

Cleveland makes a huge offer to get #1 pick and Anthony Davis from New Orleans.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Cleveland’s offer looks like an act of desperation. Plus, the Cavs need a lot more than Davis.

Cleveland offered New Orleans all of their picks this year in exchange for the #1 pick. This means the Cavs would be trading the # 4, #24, #33, and #34 all for the Hornets #1 pick. The Hornets reportedly thought about this offer about as long as it takes Davis to grow out his eyebrows, which is to say .002 seconds. 

No, New Orleans will hold on to their #1 overall pick and Anthony Davis. Quite frankly, I think Cleveland could offer their entire starting lineup and the Hornets wouldn’t be interested. Davis is a once in a generation type of player and the Hornets know exactly what that can mean for a small market team. They saw how the Cavs built a massive empire around the last all-generational player that came out, namely LeBron. This time around, the Hornets want to be the one to get that magical player and hopefully hold on to him too.

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