Saturday , Jun , 23 , 2012 Paul Eide

Rumor: Steve Nash To Knicks

The feeding frenzy that is the beginning of NBA free agency is set to begin in just a couple weeks. And there is no bigger fish to land than potentially "former" Suns point guard Steve Nash.

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Even without former head coach Mike D’Antoni leading the squad, Nash would be the perfect fit for a Knicks team that lacks any consistency on the offensive side. Too frequently for the Knicks on offense this season it was a case of "2 on 5", those two being Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire with infrequent contributions from anyone else. Remember how good the Knicks played as a team during the run of "Lin-Sanity" when Jeremy Lin was healthy? Imagine that scenario but with Steve Nash at the helm; how would the Knicks not be better?

While the rumor of Nash to the Knicks is nothing new, during a promotional stop in NY during the past week, Nash did nothing but fuel the fire of his potential arrival in New York.

"The Knicks are a great franchise, and I live in New York so I would definitely consider them if they were interested. I want to see what’s actually on the table. I’m open and excited. I’m looking at every possiblity now. It sounds like there are a number of teams that are interested."

So who else is rumored to be interested in Nash’s services? Every one of the leagues upper echelon teams; Bulls, Heat, Lakers, Mavericks, Thunder and Spurs.

If it was up to you who would you rather have running your team; Steve Nash or Jeremy Lin?

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Image Credit: AP NEWS