Sunday , Jun , 24 , 2012 Andrew Flint

LeBron Tells Haters To F*ck Off

Photo comes out of LeBron wearing his championship ring flicking off the camera.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This is tacky and stupid. Beneath a champion.

This photo of LeBron James flicking off the camera wearing a championship ring is pathetic. This type of childish reaction is what we would expect of an Allen Iverson or Latrell Sprewell, but not LeBron. If he wants to have a nickname like the King, he better start acting like one.

First of all, all this dos is give more fuel to his haters. Secondly, it makes him look like a huge douche bag. I’m not sure what LeBron was thinking when he posed for this photo, but clearly he wasn’t thinking straight.

LeBron needs to grow thicker skin and man-up. Yes, the media has been scrutinizing him and unfairly criticizing his every move since he arrived in South Beach. So what? Grow up LeBron. You’re a super star, Miami’s a bigger market, and you made a huge production out of your leaving Cleveland, so you asked for it.

Will the haters fade away now that LeBron has a ring? Not with photos like this to keep the flame alive and burning strong. LeBron doesn’t truly want to play the villain role in the NBA. He’d rather be the golden boy. It’s the role he enjoys, the role he’s used to, but with antics like the photo above we can look forward to more NBA seasons that revolve around LeBron vs. the world and nothing else.


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Photo Credit: Terez Owens.