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Stoudemire Fined 50k over Fag Comment

David Stern Fines Amare Stoudemire $50,000 over a tweet.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: If this tweet is fined 50k, I still think fines wife beating comment on live t.v. should at least be worth 40k.

David Stern never stops amazing basketball fans with his unfair sense of justice and this off-season is no exception. The NBA (aka David Stern) fined Knicks Big man Amare Stoudemire $50,000 for his use of a gay slur (it rhymes with bag and sag and tag …. ok, ok we’ll just tell you it was fag). 

Stoudemire tweeted the gay slur in a twitter message to a fan that was questioning Stoudemire’s skill and ability as a player. Stoudemire apologized early Sunday, with a direct message that the fan of course posted as a screen shot because he’s 1. Not a fan, and 2. A complete jackass.

The Jackass then commented, “Let’s hope Amare learned his lesson.” Actually, I and the rest of the world actually really hope the Jackass also has a chance to learn his lesson when he bumps into Amare and real life in a dark alley and doesn’t have the internet to hide behind. Everyone’s a tough guy with the insulting comments and insults over the internet. We’d pay to see these to come face to face without the cameras running to witness exactly how tough this random internet douche bag really is. 

Note, we’re not condoning what Amare said. He shouldn’t have used that language. It’s offensive and unnecessary, but it really old seeing this bonehead fans make offensive comments to players all day long. And don’t even get me started on Stern and his $50k fine. Where’s Stern’s fine for telling Jim Rome he beats his wife. Oh, my bad. That was a joke, right? Haha, I guess I don’t get that type of humor Stern.

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