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Sixers Sign Nick Young, Tony Parker Will Play for France and Derrick Rose at a Hollywood Nightclub?

Sixers Sign Nick Young, Tony Parker Will Play for France and Derrick Rose at a Hollywood Nightclub?

What an interesting, and borderline weird, week in the NBA it has been. 

Hoopsvibe’s Quick Call:  Expect more surprises.

Maybe 4th of July falling on a Wednesday threw everyone off, but there certainly was a lot of unexpected trade activity in the last few days.  Here are a few highlights in what has been a strange week in the NBA (or maybe it’s just me):

-Steve Nash will be wearing a Lakers jersey this season.  Crazy, right?!  But as Magic Johnson put it, "I want to give Mitch and Jim Buss credit for Nash.  They showed me something … Unfortunately, you’re still not good enough.  They’re still missing a piece that would help them win it all."  I think everyone would agree with Magic so we’ll have to keep an eye on what moves the Lakers make in the upcoming weeks.

-Brandon Roy, who announced his retirement last year because of chronic knee problems after only five seasons in the league, signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves this week, the team that drafted him 6th overall in 2006, only to subsequently trade him to Portland that same night.

-Jeremy Lin’s career looks like it will continue next season, but most likely not in New York, as Lin agreed to a four-year deal with the Rockets; aka the same team that let him go last year.  Lin will be able to sign the offer sheet on July 11th, of which New York will have three days to match.  While the Knicks have said repeatedly that they would like to keep the Lin in New York, it’s looking more like the Linsanity will continue in Houston.

-The Brooklyn Nets were productive this week and managed to woo Deron Williams into staying with the organization, while also acquiring Joe Johnson in a separate deal.  (Now if they could only get Dwight Howard on board, they’d have a pretty strong big three of their own.)  Howard’s destiny next season has yet to be determined.

-It was reported in the last few hours that Nick Young, the explosive guard who gave the Clippers some serious lifts off the bench this past playoff season, signed a one-year deal worth $6 million with the 76ers.  Young is a very good shooter.  He is 83% for his career from the free-throw line and 37% from behind the arc – a solid pickup for Philly.

-France rejoice!  It was announced earlier that Tony Parker will be playing for the French national team in this year’s summer Olympics in London.  Doctor’s have fully cleared him to play after the Spurs veteran suffered an eye injury in a New York City nightclub a few weeks ago.  The injury happened when a piece of broken glass struck Parker in the eye during a fight that broke out between the entourages of Drake, Meek Mill and Chris Brown.  The fight has been highly publicized and the club has since been shut down as a result of the melee that ensued.  Parker, who was simply an innocent bystander, was not involved in the fight so we’re glad to hear that he’ll be ok.

-Lastly, and probably the weirdest piece of non-trade related NBA news this week, came courtesy of our friends at TMZ, who reported that Derrick Rose was out partying in Hollywood last night!  Rose, who tore his left ACL in April, was spotted limping out of The Roxbury nightclub around 1:30 A.M.  Good for him.  I love Derrick Rose.  He’s humble and he’s a great player and after suffering such a devastating blow that ended his season, I’m glad he’s letting loose and having a little fun. 

I just hope he taught some people how to dougie.

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